The Millione Group members are successful driven individuals that strive to make a difference in their financial lives, in lives of people around them, and in their communities.

Therefore, we are selective on who will be accepted into the group.

All applicants will go through an interview process. Applicants will be expected to fill out various documents, including financial statements.

There is NO GUARANTEE of acceptance.

A $49 non-refundable application fee will be charged for each application.

We offer various level of memberships.

Silver Package ($9000 annually)

  • Participate in monthly events
  • Participate in the review and launch of projects
  • Opportunity to participate financially in projects
  • Opportunity to invest sweat equity into projects

Platinum Package ($15,000 annually)

  • Silver Package PLUS...
  • Participate in "behind-closed door" meetings
  • Must be an experienced investor
  • Lead the review and launch of projects
  • Retain founder ownership in projects
  • Work closely with our attorneys to package project and raising money
  • Lead the teams we put together for your success
  • Build business systems
  • Have priority to participate financially in all projects
  • Assemble management team for projects
  • Become a "rainmaker"

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Millione Definition

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