Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you a Real Estate Club?

No, we are not. We promote real estate clubs. We believe in them, but we are an investment group. Real Estate Clubs are traditionally educational in nature. We are not. We invest in projects.

Do you have monthly speakers?

We do not invite national "gurus" to our meetings. That is what Real Estate Clubs do. We might invite professionals to help us with challenges we are facing, but we do not allow educational materials to be sold there. Our meetings are mostly about us, our projects, and building wealth.

What type of projects are you working on?

We are very private about our projects, however, we can say this. Our projects include developing franchises for exciting and innovative retail stores, putting together real estate projects, developing large "low tech" businesses, funding various projects, putting together various funds, working with various cities to develop solutions for existing challenges etc.

Can I lose my money in these investments?

YES! You can lose your money in any investment you do. As a group, we work to pick which investments we believe make sense, and work towards mitigating the risks.

Do you meet more than once a month?

YES! When you are part of a project, you are expected to participate in your group's meetings, which can be as often as once a week. The monthly meetings are for ALL groups to meet and discuss challenges and solutions for their projects. The objective is build massive wealth, and that does require a commitment of time.

Why should I join?

We are selective in who joins. So there is no guarantee you will be accepted into the group. We also reserve the right to ask any member to leave and your membership discontinued immediately if we believe you are a detriment to the group. You should consider applying to this group only if you feel you are ready to start building wealth and you live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Being a member allows you to EXPERIENCE the process of building companies from an idea, putting real estate deals together, raising money for projects, etc.

Is this another seminar?

No. We believe in the power of education, however, this is not an educational organization. We might recommend other sources for education or coaching, but we get our hands dirty by investing in projects, and the potential of losing money is real.

What is the process of applying to become a member?

Here are the exact steps:

  1. Contact us about applying
  2. You will be emailed an application that you have to fill out completely
  3. Mail completed and signed application with a $49 non-refundable processing fee
  4. You will be notified if you are moving to the next phase or not. If your application is accepted, you will be contacted to schedule a time for an interview
  5. After the interview is completed, you will be notified if you are accepted or not within 48 hours.
  6. If you are accepted, you will be asked to mail in a check for the appropriate membership level.

What is the connection between WealthClasses and The Millione Group ?

WealthClasses Inc is a separate organization, offering very high quality education. The Millione Group is an investment group, offering a venue to experience the education you have learned.

I am interested in exploring this, what do I do?

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