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Millione Group provides an environment to help entrepreneurs start up new businesses. We are a group of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Do you like the idea of being part of an elite investment group that buys/builds businesses, invests in real estate and builds wealth?

Does launching nationwide franchises, putting multi-million deals together, and raising tens of millions of dollars excite you?

The Millione Group might be just the group for you.

The Way We Work

We are a small group of individual entrepreneurs who invest in businesses and real estate projects. Our main objective is to build wealth through group participation.

We invest together, share investing experiences and help each other become more successful investors.

Through our hands-on investments, members get the best education, companionship and buying power, plus the confidence of knowing you don’t have to go it alone.

The Millione Group is lead by George Antone, a recognized national speaker and investor.

Experience Wealth The Way It Was Meant To Be

It is time to go beyond books and tapes and start building wealth with the help of colleagues.

The Millione Group is a great way to learn and apply investing skills in a friendly, pressure-free atmosphere. At group meetings — usually held monthly — members pool their skills, resources and experience, review studies of businesses and real estate projects presented by other members, and select one or more to invest in.

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 About Us


The Millione Group is an exclusive investment group
located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Some of the businesses we have launched include:

Pacific West Vending
The largest bulk vending company in the West Coast of the United States

An national educational company

Norcal Capital Management
A private equity investment company

Esencia Homes
A real estate development company

A niche alternative advertising company

The Weekly Chat
A weekly published paper

Creative Wealth Strategies
Offering innovative wealth-building strategies
to consumers & small businesses

Some of Our Brands:



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